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Elizabeth “Beth” Sibley has been licensed to practice law in the state of North Carolina for more than 15 years. She has experience in both the public and private sectors, and is a strong advocate for individuals seeking resolution to their legal problems

since 1999

Licensed to practice in North Carolina since 1999

since 2020

Licensed to practice in South Carolina since 1999

since 2000

Washington, DC since 2000

North Carolina


As one of the fastest-growing cities in North Carolina and the rest of the country, Charlotte is home to many businesses, families, and others looking to enjoy their lives. But many problems can get in the way, whether it entails concerns about an ending marriage, injuries in the workplace, or general immigration concerns. Beth Sibley is here to help people throughout the Charlotte area with all their legal matters.

Beth Sibley is available to support the legal needs of people in the Charlotte area. She is open for personal injury cases, including ones surrounding auto and truck accidents on one of the many roads in the ever-growing Charlotte area. She is also available to support family law cases around the city, including help for managing child custody and support. People in the Charlotte area are busy with many work and living needs. Beth Sibley is available to help people in the city with their legal worries.

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South Carolina

Rock Hill

Beth Sibley understands how important it is for people in Rock Hill to manage whatever legal issues they hold. She knows that a workplace injury can make it hard for people to earn the income they deserve. She provides personal injury case services for people around Rock Hill, including support for cases involving head, back, and neck injuries. Her work can help clients recover their lost wages and also receive compensation for pain and suffering.

Beth Sibley also provides services for businesses in the Rock Hill area. She can support property distribution cases and help in managing work permits for people who immigrate to the area for work purposes. Sibley has years of experience in family and immigration law and is ready to make her experience an asset for your case.

Fort Mill

Fort Mill is one of the fastest-growing towns in York County and South Carolina. But with this growth comes an increase in traffic around the town. The risk of vehicle accidents has never been greater in Fort Mill. The worst part about many accidents is that these events and the resulting injuries can be prevented. You may deserve compensation if you have been in a vehicle accident in Fort Mill. Beth Sibley will be there to help you with your personal injury case needs. She can represent your case and talk with you about your case as necessary.

Beth Sibley is available for personal injury, immigration, and family law/divorce cases throughout Fort Mill. She has been providing her legal services to her clients for more than fifteen years. You can trust her work when you’re looking for a fair and helpful solution to your legal needs in the Fort Mill area.

Myrtle Beach

People throughout Myrtle Beach have many opportunities for work and play. But not everything in Myrtle Beach is fun and games, as many people often deal with significant legal concerns in the city. Whether it entails family disputes and property distribution plans, recovering from vehicular accidents, or dealing with immigration laws in the area, people throughout Myrtle Beach can bear many legal troubles. But Beth Sibley will be there to help all people throughout Myrtle Beach with their legal needs.

You can contact Beth Sibley if you’re looking for help with your personal injury, family law, or immigration case. Sibley has more than fifteen years of experience and can assist you with your situation. She can provide a free analysis of your situation to see what is necessary for your case. You can trust her work when you’re looking for a receptive voice for your cause in Myrtle Beach.

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